Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Puff Stitch Hat

The above link goes to the website where I learned how to make this "puff stitch hat". It's all done with crochet and I was able to make it in just under 2 hours. Which, is probably slow for some people...but for me was nearly a miracle because I usually have pattern-phobia and can't follow them and wind up with a disaster. The fact that I was able to follow her instructions (which does include a video and written) shows how well she explained it since I am very visual.

I am completely happy with the result and can't wait to make more! Up until I tried this one, I could only do the most basic of basic crochet stuff..we're talking pot holders and scarves. You know, SQUARE stuff. hahaha :D Happy to say I can move on and do more complicated things! And some day I might even learn to use more than one color! *gasp* :D


Weazel Girl said...

I think it looks great! No one would ever know you didn't consider yourself an expert. :) I'm going to share this one, I know some people who are just starting to crochet.

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Absolutely- feel free to share :D I was pleased as punch that it turned out so well! :) And thank you for the compliment!