Friday, September 30, 2011

Super Mario Bros, Pandas and Elmo??? (nail art and cake)

Hey everybody! Sorry for such a delay in posts... After changing our service providers for internet last time, we found we weren't very happy with the new ones and so decided to stop that service as well. Where is a decent internet provider when you need one? Oh wait---on an app on my smart phone. :D So hopefully I can get back to posting more regularly! I've got quite a stock of photos to share anyway, so let's get started!

Nail art continues! Did I mention I've started talking other people into letting me do theirs, too? I love the practice and the kids don't mind as long as they (the boys) can take it back off before school. Such good sports hahaha :D :D Above I did a friend's hands with panda bears and bamboo shoots. Another with all Elmo faces, though in my opinion some of them turned out looking a lot like Telly. haha

This was a special requested birthday cake for a 5 year old who LOVES Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo. I was more than happy to oblige! :) Usually you would also ice the background of the cake white but they wanted some areas "frosting-free" for those who didn't want to eat frosting. Fine by me.. less work and still looked great. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nail Art Fun

I'm not sure why it's taken me this many years to discover this kind of thing, but I saw a post about doing the newspaper nails (far left) on a craft site and checked it out...before you know it, I've been having all kinds of fun. :D

I give credit for the newspaper nails and the Cookie Monster and cookies nails (far right) to a user named "Cutepolish". I subscribed to her channel and admittedly, some of the designs are not for me...but many of them are worth trying! The center photo is just plain polish with one happy thumb nail...the color is called "Dude Blue" and I'm not sure the brand, but doubt there are many companies that use the same names.

The one sad thing for me doing my nails.. which I never used to do much of other than plain colors and even then it wasn't very often.. is that doing dishes is NOT my friend!! haha On the other hand, it does give me an excuse to redo them every couple days :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gnomes!!! Wizards, Reapers and Flamingos.. oh my! (polymer clay)

I haven't run out of ideas yet for these little guys!! In fact, for every one I make, I think up two more while I'm in the process. :) I sat down on Sunday night and did all 3 of these guys. Above is a wizard with a magical sphere and a wand. His beard, sphere, stars and moon on his hat, and wand tip all glow in the dark!

Apologies for the quality of the photograph on this one, but hopefully you get the idea... it's the Gnome Reaper and he's pointing at..well, someone unlucky.. and holding a giant scythe in his other hand. Naturally he's still got his red gnome hat. :)

And third...let's just say the war is on!!! Yard art vs. yard art. And in this case, the gnome is winning against poor Pinkie. hehehe :D