Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's about time I start keeping up on here better.  Having a working computer and all, there's hardly any excuse not to! :) 

Have been making things almost daily, so I will have lots to post of projects from the recent-past.  This particular one above is a custom rug I'd made for a nice lady who wanted it for her teen daughter.  She is a Walking Dead fan (can't blame her!) and wanted a rug that had to do with that theme.  This was prior to adding a target symbol above and "blood" splatters all over the whole thing (done with a mix of acrylic paint colors in red/brown).  

I've got 99% of my finished projects on my Instagram (BelleAndrew if you'd like to come see or follow along) and you'll probably see them pop up on here soon, too, so I can catch up on posting.