Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Button Arm Band :)

Over the weekend I spent some time going through a few boxes that I had packed away so long I forgot what was in them. Ever happen to you? Well one of them had some bits and ends of yarn..not really big enough for a scarf or hat, or even a pot-holder.. but big enough to make little girls' arm bands. :) So I made a few and added some big, sparkly buttons for extra spunk. Very cute, really simple and quick! Thanks to my S-I-L for getting my mind going around crochet again lately! hehehe :D


-K- said...

Cute!! You should make some for Halloween and list them on etsy! Maybe Superwoman or whoever had the Lasso of Truth. Who was that?

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

That'd be WonderWoman of course! :) And her invisible jet :P

Sarah said...

Those are cute :) I just bought a bunch of buttons...those bags of miss-matched packs of random ones at Micheal's.