Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elf Slippers

Today was noticeably chilly, even in the house somewhat, so it is just about that time for the thermostat to be turned up for the season. And for house slippers!! Or in this case...elf slippers :D These cost less than a dollar to make using craft felt squares and embroidery thread. Oh and a couple of bells for fun :) We had some jealous siblings after these were finished so I think I will be making some more very soon!

*To make these, I simply traced the bottom of a shoe onto paper and cut it out. Then I traced that paper onto a piece of felt and folded it over to be able to cut out 2 identical bottoms. For the top/side portions, I found a template and adjusted it to the right size for the shoe bottom (so that it would come down about halfway). Then doubled the felt over again to get matching pieces.
* Lined them all up and sewed the top to the bottom. Then added the bells with a simple stitch.
* I decided after they were "done" the first time that the bottom was kinda flimsy by itself, so I then cut out another set of felt bottoms and hot-glued them on for double-thickness. (You can see the original bottom were brown, then I put red on the very bottom). You could probably use shoe inserts or something, but I was going with what I had on hand and these are just for the house anyway.
All in all it was only about a half-hour project! :)

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