Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Freezer Paper Shirts and Bag

Good morning!! I know everyone on the planet has probably seen/tried these before, but it was a first time for me yesterday and I'm loving how they turned out! Top shirt is an owl... I used 3 different shades of blue to sort of "fade" the colors. Middle is a drawstring backpack from the $1 bin at Michaels Craft Store and has a cupcake stenciled on. And the bottom shirt has a gnome and his mushroom home! (The shirts were $2 at Michaels on sale this week). I bought a roll of freezer paper at Walmart (but you can get it anywhere you buy foil, plastic wrap, ziplock bags, etc..) for about $5.50 and you get 150 feet.

Basic instructions for making these: find your silhouette/design and trace it onto a piece of the freezer paper. Make sure to give yourself a border of a couple inches so you have room to work with the paint. Next, cut out the design carefully so you have the outline to place onto your shirt (or whatever fabric). ** Placing the PLASTIC side of the freezer paper DOWN, iron over it with a hot iron for a few seconds (that's all it takes) until all the edges are sealed. It is a good idea to place a piece of paper (regular paper) between the layers of fabric so when you paint, it doesn't go through to the back. Next you take your acrylic paint and paint brush or foam brush and go to town on the coloring! Hang it up to dry and afterward, carefully peel off the freezer paper. :) All done!

**The owl one I did had more details to cut out (the eyes and stomach portions) so you have to place those and iron them down separately from the rest of the outline part.

If you wanted, once it is dry, you could put a piece of paper over the top of the dry painted part and run the iron over it real quick again to "set it" more, but I don't think it is completely necessary. When washing, turn the item inside out if possible. :) Have fun trying this out!! It can be quite addictive once you do one and think of possibilities.... :)

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Weazel Girl said...

I've never seen this before, I must be isolated. It seems pretty cool. I don't even know what freezer paper is, haha. I'm gonna have to look for it.