Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ribbon-Handle Bags w/ Freezer Paper Stencil Art

I can finally post these bag pics (though I admit they aren't very good..ah well, they're all I got) now that the recipients all have them and it's no longer a surprise. :) Th paint was still drying so that's why they're hung up. They were each made from a square of "flour sack" material* folded in half and sewn up the sides. The handles are each different kinds of ribbons sewn onto the top. For the designs, I used freezer paper stencils and regular cheap acrylic paint. I have a post from a few weeks ago (I think) on how to use the freezer paper or you can also google it and you'll find a ton of how-to links.

Each bag was made for a different family member and I used them as a gift bag so I didn't have to wrap anything :P

*flour sack squares- I found at our local dollar store and they had a ton. Also great to use for embroidery or making little girly skirts like the painted one I posted in the summer. :)

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