Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowmen!!! Cookies & Candies :)

Amongst all of the other cookies & candies of non-snowman type, here are these guys all dressed up and ready to go! The top photo shows a few from the sugar cookie tray. The bottom one are snowman-pops! Very easy to make...I used the large marshmallows-3 per lollipop stick- and twirled them around in melted white-chocolate almond bark. Let that set up, then decorate the details using royal icing. :)

If you wanted (and I wish I'd had more time to do this...) you could also just use toothpicks and the mini-marshmallows for small little snowmen!


Weazel Girl said...

MMM... these cookies look so good! I just went through all your recent blog posts and you have been very busy! I've been busy as well holiday prepping and haven't been using my computer much, and haven't even done any of my own blog posts. :) I hope you're staying stress-free and finish everything you wanted to in time!

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Thank you!! Yep, I'm attempting to stay stress-free and it's *almost* working :P Have to have at least a little though, or it just wouldn't be the holidays! lol