Sunday, January 16, 2011

A tip !!

When I was working on this cupcake scarf and at the point of trying to attach all of the teeny tiny pompoms for sprinkles...I came up with an idea I thought I'd share. Instead of using your fingers to dip the item into glue (or ruining your good tweezers and gunking them all up)- use a hairpin! You can barely see it in the photo sitting on the paper near the q-tip, but I have a hairpin there. It was perfect for picking up the pompoms and dipping in glue, then placing it on the cupcake.

The best part is they are dirt 100 in a pack for $1 and you can just throw it out when you are done! You could use these for all kinds of "tweezer" activities involving glue or placing small stuff. :)

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