Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gnome, Pie and Berry! (crochet)

I got a new book called "Tasty Crochet" (thanks, Mom!!) in the mail and am LOVING all the patterns. So far I am just picking and choosing randomly based on whether or not I have the yarn colors to make whatever it is. Here above is the strawberry. Matching nailpolish was a coincidence!

(Speaking of which...the color is Emerald and the brand is the new Revlon Top Speed. If you want to have nailpolish that dries FAST so you can get back to crafting and/or kids, get this!)

And here we have a slice of pie...it was supposed to be pumpkin, but I didn't have what I deemed the correct "pumpkiny" color so I went with cherry instead. :D By the way, all the patterns so far seem to make pretend foods that are life-sized as opposed to miniatures. I'm fairly certain though, that you could always use a smaller hook and/or yarn to make the foods a little smaller if you wanted.

And another little gnome!! I think making these is one of my favorite ways to use up last bits of yarn that I don't want to just throw away. It is entirely made up...just like the one I posted a few days ago. This time I gave him pink cheeks and eyebrows and I think it looks better. He is a OOAK. :)


Anonymous said...

i LOVE my gnomes. thank you!!! :0}

Weazel Girl said...

haha, all cute as usual. Funny you comment on your nail polish cuz I was actually thinking about it! I am always trying to find fast-drying polish! Nice extra tip! :)