Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tri-Spiral Applique on Wide Headband (crochet)

Yesterday I was trying to find a headband pattern that I could crochet and the one I found looks similar to this one. I tried it out following the pattern to a T and the end result was so small I don't think it could even fit on a doll head! So I made a 2nd one using a bigger hook than it called for...and it was an improvement, but still too small. So my 3rd and final attempt was this one. I still used the same hook as try #2 (which was an "I" hook) but I changed the pattern to be longer and not as wide...and hurrah it worked! :) As an added embellishment, I crocheted a tri-colored spiral and whipstitched it to the side. :)

I think because had to make so many changes and basically start all over from scratch from the original pattern, I will just rewrite it into my own and when I get some time I'll post it up here for anyone who would like to try it! :)

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Weazel Girl said...

Very creative, nice work. :) I'd love to see the pattern when you get around to it