Monday, April 11, 2011

Brown and Blue Ruffle Purse (crochet)

This purse is finally finished!! It was a two-day project, which normally I wouldn't take on as quickly...but I thought I'd be done with it sooner than I was. You know, life happens and you have to take wee breaks :) For instructions on how to make the purse *handle* please see the bottom of this post!

Showing the inside and the button enclosure ^^

The bottom has a blue detailing line^^

Side profile view also with more blue detailing lines ^

And check out that handle!! I think that is what took the longest. And the ruffles. If you do any crocheting, and are especially familiar with amigurumi and how you start the body pieces for toys... the handle is basically like that:

You start with 2 chains, then 6 sc into the 2nd ch from hook. For the rest of it, you simply put 1 sc into the BACKloop only of each sc until it is as long as you wish. (Do not join at each round, it is worked in a continuous spiral). It makes it rather "boingy/springy" which is great for purse handles. As for the blue swirl that goes all around it, you simply join in your blue (or whatever color) yarn to any free loop at one end....then go up one row and over to the left one stitch and slip stitch. Rep all the way to the other end. :)

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