Sunday, June 26, 2011

Amigurumi T-Rex, Robot, Lobster, Dachsund, and sweater (crochet)

I'm baaaaaack!! We've been without internet for a couple of weeks (due to switching service providers and waiting for the new modem to arrive) and are finally hooked back up! In the meantime, I've been up to my eyeballs in crocheted goodies, of course. :D Tonight I finished the little green T-Rex and managed to get a picture snapped before it got too dark outside.

This little mini lobster is from a pattern on for "teeny lobster" if you'd like to make one. It worked up in about 15 minutes or so and used very little yarn- a nice way to use up scraps!

This sweater took up the bulk of my time. I would say spread out over about 5 or 6 days from start to finish. I made mine to fit size 8 child. The original pattern (which was from the latest Crochet World magazine) only uses one button at the top and has a different kind of button hole and closure. I decided since the yarn I used was looking like legos from far away that I would like to use legos to make buttons and have them all the way down!

These are the kind I stole from my hubby's collection... (okay, I got permission first...) and just used a Dremel tool to drill 4 little button holes in them each.

Last but not least... a special order that I completed a few days ago. A robot with tangerine, lavendar, maroon and white colorings...and a weiner dog with a pink collar (which isn't showing in the photo). They turned out so cute!! And BIG.. I was surprised at the size they were...I had expected much smaller but this is even better. :D

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