Friday, June 10, 2011

Amigurumi Vampire, Flower Girl and Owl (crochet)

I had been eyeing a site online for quite a while ( and wanting absolutely every one of the books I see on there...and finally broke down and bought a couple last week. They've arrived and here is what I've been making so far!!

To start ^^^ Dracula the Vampire! I love his little red cape. :) The "hair" part I think I would do differently next time so it looks less helmet-like. As it was, I had to make it twice because the first one, following the pattern, turned out enormous and went almost over his whole head. So I ripped it out and made it smaller with my own directions.

The owl caught my eye right away when I saw it on the cover. I wanted one in bright colors, so that is why I've chosen the ones I did. The "feathers" actually go all the way around and are worked in one piece that is slipped on like a skirt and sewn into place after the body is made. I think in the future I will try doing it by making long lines of feathers and wrap it around like a shawl and leave a gap in the front, so it looks like the owl is holding his wings in front of himself around his belly. Just an idea I have in mind for the next one. :) Also the feet were kinda confusing in the directions, so I just winged it (har har) and they came out fine by me.

I think she is my favorite of the three!! She reminds me of the singing/talking flowers from Alice in Wonderland. I couldn't tell from the cover of the booklet she was on, but her head is actually bald and the flowery petal part is the front of a bonnet that slips over her head and ties on. In the photo it looked like it was all done in one, but it's not. I like that it's not because the next ones can have hair, maybe, or little things like that. :)

Great books and designs... fairly simple to follow if you already have some basic crochet knowledge, and only need to make a change or two every once in a while. She has a lot of other designs I'd like to someday get and try, too, so we'll see how that comes along!

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Weazel Girl said...

I just love the little flower girl, she is so precious. Great color choices on her too. :)