Monday, July 18, 2011

5" Baby Doll with Cherry Swimsuit (crochet)

Here is an adorable little project that took me a few days to complete and is finally ready for showing off! This is a 5" baby doll, which I'd bought at a Craft Warehouse store. There are booklets with patterns to make them little outfits written for either crochet or knit. I bought the two crochet books I saw (and naturally there were like 4 or 5 for knitting...booooo) and this was the first one I thought I would try. It doesn't require snaps or buttons like most of the rest and it is a smaller outfit being just a swimsuit and sandals. Turned out pretty darn cute!!

Now she just needs a name and possibly a ruffled sunhat to match. :D ---oh yeah, she is wearing a visor in the pic but ultimately, even though I followed the pattern for that, it turned out WAY too small so it now sits atop one of the Barbie dolls instead (perfect fit).

If anyone knows of any other crochet booklet titles to make more outfits for these 5" dolls, I'd love to find some others! Please leave a comment with the titles if you do. :) Thanks!

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Weazel Girl said...

That turned out so cute! If I see more patterns for these little guys, I will definitely send them your way :)