Friday, July 29, 2011

Carson the Snake and a Red-Headed Sweeper (crochet and embroidery)

A friend of mine had a skein of variegated yarn (Red Heart Super Saver "primary" color) and wanted to see how long of a snake it would make if I used up the whole thing. So here he is...Carson the Snake! I didn't measure, but by an estimated guess, I would say roughly 10 feet long. The green tongue is by request!

Also finished the embroidery design I was trying out. I haven't done actual embroidery in years so I'm pretty happy with how it came out with me being out-of-practice. The design was from a store-bought set that you iron on to whatever you want it on. I just used a linen kitchen towel. Isn't she cute?? :) I have several others of the same type of design and will eventually get to them, too...need more towels first.