Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Clay Fun (polymer clay)

Today is a rainy day, which I have to admit I really love. I have always preferred rain to sun if I had a choice. It gives an excuse to stay in and bake goodies and make crafts. :) The other night we were all playing around with the clay and I had some of this "pluffy" clay that is super soft and easy for kids to work with. One of the kids came up with this "road-kill rabbit" and it is super flat. When it was baked, I picked it up and it looks like a pancake hahaha. I love it... and I'm thinking to add a magnet to the back to hang it up on the fridge.

This dinosaur is what my hubby came up with!! I was pretty impressed...he used the same pluffy clay to make a lump of a body armature and baked that first... then rolled out flat pieces of green to layer over the top of the baked armature. And basically just worked on it until it looked like he thought it ought to, then baked it again a final time. I really like the legs... way better than what I could've done for it!

I made the next few items... this one is an owl charm. In the pic, I hadn't yet bent/twisted the wire out of the top of its head into a loop yet but it's done now.

A baby dinosuar...see the stubby legs and arms?? I told you the hubster's dinosaur legs were better lol..

And a new gnome on the block!! This one is a baker. :D He has a blue apron with white edging, and it is tied in the back around his waist and neck. Also holding a frosting bag and decorated cupcake!! :) I love this guy.. he is the same size as the others I've posted about recently.

I have been starting to add new items to my Etsy shop, so please bounce over there any check it out any time. If you would like a custom order of anything, write and let's see what we can do! :)

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