Monday, January 16, 2012

Throw rug and granny square pillow (crochet)

Good evening!! I am back from a somewhat-partial break after the holidays.  Here we are over 2 weeks into the new year already, so I figured I better make myself present! :)

 How did everyone's holiday go?  I am back into the full swing of things around here and currently working on a nifty blanket which I hope to share soon.  For now, though, I can start sharing things that were made as Christmas gifts that I couldn't share before in case anyone peeked here and saw! :D

This awesome rug started off as 16 (yes SIXTEEN!!) skeins of yarn in very, very random colors.  If you look closely you can see there are 2 different striping with 8 colors and the other also with 8 colors.  Individually the yarns were actually rather ugly and none of them matched or coordinated.  But when you put them all together, they turned into this fabulous thing and were a great way to use up a lot of out-dated yarns! (I inherited a bunch from my grandmother and this throw rug thus became a sentimental gift for my mom!)  P.S. I used a "Q" hook and just did an oval, working extra stitches (all in SC) where needed to round out the ends and such, but there are plenty of patterns and books available, too, if you wanted to use them.

 Next up is one of my newest favorite things to work on (granny squares!).  This was also a gift for my mom, although this time I picked the colors on purpose to match ;)  No pattern was used, just bought a 14x14" pillow form (around $6 at Walmart) and started working a basic granny square (I believe with an "H" hook) until it measured big enough to fit across one side of the pillow.  Then I made an identical second one, held the two together and worked a SC border through both thicknesses on 3 sides (working in extra stitches around the corner to keep it flat and nice), stuffed the pillow into it, and finished up the 4th/final side.  Weaved in ends and voila!  :D 

Up close view of granny square pillow :)

Alrighty, I've got to get more photos downloaded to share for next time, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful start off to the new year!! :)

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