Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of May already! Plus Instagram!

I can hardly believe it is the end of May already.  Some schools in different areas of the country are getting out already for Summer break even!  Here they are making up for the snow days taken off in the Winter, so they still have another couple weeks.  I'm kinda glad (haha). :D

I continue to have difficulties with uploading photos onto my blog, which makes me sad.  I don't know if it's a blog thing, computer thing, user error, or what...?? I never had issues prior to the last couple months.  I'm going to keep working on it. the meantime, I finally made an account over at good ol' Instagram.   I mostly just post photos of my crafting goodies like I do on here, but much more frequently since it doesn't give me any issues like my blog does!  So if you'd like to be able to see pictures on a fairly regular basis of random crochet, clay, crafts, etc.... I am "Belleandrew" on there (as well as Twitter and Facebook).  Feel free to follow me on those! :)

I am in the middle of trying out the "plarn" idea with crochet.  Plarn being yarn made from plastic bags you get at grocery stores & such.  We'll see how that comes out and IF I can get photos to work on here, I'll post it.  :) :)  Hope you're all having a great week!


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