Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PopTart Android Cover (from felt)

We recently upgraded from dinosaur cellphones to the new Android phones and so far we are really enjoying them. I did some searching online at google images for phone covers and decided to make my own.

This one is made to look like a Pop Tart and all done with cheap squares of craft felt and some coordinating embroidery thread. You can't see from the photos, but there is a lining of pink felt inside (strawberry) of the beige-colored outside (crust). And then of course one side has the cream "frosting". So altogether there are a few layers of protection for the phone. I also put in a snap-button closure at the end so it won't slip out and tiny beads on the "frosting". It is a simple blanket-stitch around the outside edge and I don't even know the stitch name for going around the frosting, but it is the simplest one there is.

If you decide to try making a cover for yourself, just make sure to give an extra inch or so of material around the outside edge of your phone so you have room for it to around the sides and not be too tight. :) Next up is to make one for the hubster's phone that isn't quite so girly. (Not that Pop Tarts are girly, but all that pink might be :P )


Marleen said...

Nice jummy phone!

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Why thank you! :D :D They are fun to make (and fairly quick!)