Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amigurumi Squirrel & Acorn (crochet)

Today is one of the first sunny days we have had in a long time around here. Still a bit chilly (I think the high is only in the 40's), but nice and bright! So Mr.Squirrel here got to have his picture taken outside instead of on my kitchen counter. :)

He turned out a bit bigger than I was expecting, but that's okay by me. His tail was the most challenging part because of the yarn being so difficult to see the stitches and where they go. But it's definitely worth using because look how good the tail looks! If it were plain yarn, it would look more like a beaver or something. right?? Anyway, the pattern for him was in a book called "More Cute Little Animals To Crochet" by Amy Gaines. I only had to do a few very minor changes to it to make it better for my own crocheting. Very pleased so far with the book! This little guy will go on my Etsy this afternoon with several more photos. :)

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