Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amigurumi Whale and Owlie (crochet)

Good afternoon!! Wow a post in the afternoon instead of the wee hours of the night...been a while. :) Finished up two little toys last night and I'm very happy with them both! The whale (sorry you can't see the tail in the pic) started out from a pattern for the first few rows of a circle (top of the head) and then I scrapped that and went with my own ideas because I didn't like how the pattern was going. He does have a tail, I swear!!!

Isn't this the most precious little owlie ever???!! I think it took less than a half hour total to make him, too. I'm going to do some others and make various sizes and colors. This was with a variegated yarn so it just did its own thing, which turned out perfect in my opinion. The blue under eyes, green at the top and purple body? Not planned! It just did it that way. :D Yay for days when the yarn is working on your team.

I have a feeling some of these little owlies will wind up in some easter eggs in the baskets ;)

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