Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amigurumi Cupcakes, Mushroom, Owlies :) (crochet)

Where to begin?! First of is Spring, right? We woke up this morning to snow!! HELLO..snow! It was pretty (and cold) for a little bit. Glad I don't have to go out in it, that's for sure. :) Above^^ we have an adorable cupcake pair! And why is Bluey crying? Poor guy doesn't have any sprinkles!!!

As I said I would...I've been making more owlies!! Including one in the middle who seriously needs a trim. He is extra ultra fuzzy!! And to the right of him, I did one owlie with button eyes and really love the look of that one. I need to make more still. :) They're just too darn cute!

And lastly, I worked on Mr.Mushroom. It turned out about the size of my palm. Not too big, just the right size. He would fit good with the owlies and gnomes! :)

By the way...I have stopped listing new items in my Etsy shop for the time being until the craft fair is done/over (coming up on May 1). I am trying to build up my stock for the show. However- in the meantime if you see something you would love to have (or have made in other colors, perhaps) please don't hesitate to send an email. The addy is in the upper right hand side of this blog page. :)

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