Friday, April 1, 2011

More Cup Cozies and a Frog Prince (crochet)

Really enjoying making cup cozies (and even managed to get out for coffee today so I could save the cup for photos!). The two on the far right are cupcakes that go around the cup, and the one in the middle is a varigated blue/green yarn with white ruffles at the top and bottom. No pattern for any of them, just making up as I go...

The frog is a cute toy!! The pattern is from "Super Super Cute Crochet" by Brigitte Read. It didn't have the crown, though, so I added that myself and it isn't from a pattern...just kinda winged it. I love the result and it makes the frog look more complete than without! I'd read on Amazon all the reviews about her book and a lot of the reviews complained about mistakes in the patterns...personally, I haven't encountered the problem yet. And I hope that if I do, I'll be able to make the appropriate corrections so the toy will come out right...but the book itself, mistakes in patterns or not, is just beautiful and full of wonderful pictures and inspiration for these toy creations!!! I highly recommend it as something to browse through and enjoy even if you never make the toys. I'll definitely be making more of what is in there myself. :)

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