Sunday, April 3, 2011

Amigurumi Toucan and Squid (crochet)

Two in one day! I finished this toucan late last night and vowed if I ever make one again, it will be MY way...the pattern was rather interesting to follow. (Do you detect sarcasm? oh good) And it doesn't have feet. Not sure why on that, but none the less it came out cute and I learned a few lessons along the way. By the way, there is a pipe cleaner in the beak instead of stuffing so you can bend it into shape. Never thought of that before and it's a good idea for these toys!

Almost the same story with the squid...the pattern directions didn't "add up" correctly so I kinda had to smash my way through it and figure out what it's supposed to do on my own. The end toy is adorable and I will probably make more in other colors. Here he is sitting on the swing! Who needs an ocean when you live where it rains a lot and have swingsets?! :)

Both patterns from the "Super Super Cute Crochet" book by Brigitte Read. Adorable toys, difficult patterns. :S :S

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