Thursday, April 28, 2011

Star Wars Yoda Hat (crochet)

This was yesterday's project all complete...a Yoda hat (from Star Wars, in case you live under a rock). The above photo is it laying down and below photo is standing on its own on my counter.

The pattern was written by my S.I.L. and given to me via text message on the phone...a few over 200 of them :D And in the end, I was able to follow her excellent directions to make this. All the credit for the pattern goes to her and I'm not sure if she'll be selling the pattern or just the hats from it, but if you'd like to contact her about any of it, she is at this blog - along with some photos of the yoda hat she made. :)

P.S. The one I did is sized for a child...the ears are decoration and the long tasselly-things are the earflaps (covers the ears and then hangs down).


Weazel Girl said...

woo-hoo! It turned out really nice, great job! :)

Jackie said...

oooooh this is AWESOME! I love all your creations...just found your blog thru Craft Gossip :)

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Thank you!! Glad you found me :) I love to share and hopefully inspire as much as I am inspired by others!