Friday, April 29, 2011

Gnome!!!!! (crochet)

Hello!! I am sneaking this in before midnight for my Friday post. :) Let's start by showing how the legs were screwed up when I ran out of brown. :( See how they aren't the same? to fix that when I don't want to run to the store for a couple yards of one color yarn?? Add to the boot! (Think of it like cookies or cakes...the secret is knowing how to fix/cover up the mistakes!)

So here's what I did. I made up these little flaps out of the black color I used for the boots...

And then wrapped it around the legs at the top of the boots to make them even. :) Easy, simple fix! And you would never know I ran out of brown because it looks like I did them on purpose this way.

Showing off the hiney :P

And he seems perfectly fine with it!! :)

p.s. I have NO idea how my pictures got turned sideways and I also have NO idea how to fix it. So... sorry about that! I hope no one gets a crooked neck. :P

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Weazel Girl said...

That's awesome! Great idea on the boots, no one would ever know. :)