Thursday, April 21, 2011

ZigZag Bag (crochet)

Front of bag..

Back of bag..

This sucker was a major paaaaaiiiiinnnn in the...... well, you know... to make. It took a total of maybe 3 days, but with about a month between each day LOL. I had originally done the backside of it in a totally different color scheme but it didn't match up with the front AT ALL when I went to sew the two together. That was frusturating. So then I got it back out and redid the back completely different and this time it worked out. I had a design idea for the front side, and this is a teeny bit different from it but still the same basic idea. The back is altogether not the same. All in all, I am happy with the *final* result, but doubt I will make this particular style again any time soon. hehehe maybe after some time when I've forgotten how complicated it was! :)

P.S. It will be making the travel with me to the craft fair and put up for sale...interested in it before it goes? Shoot me an email. :)

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