Monday, May 16, 2011

Cupcake, Snake, Lobster, Banana, Cocoa Mug - oh my!! (crochet)

What a busy week!! Aside from finding out that the talented Schnitzel & Boo is going to be a featured vendor at a 4-day craft fair coming up in Seattle on Memorial weekend (and that she would like to me to be a part of it!), I've also been making little gifts for nieces and nephews and of which was this cupcake zipper purse. The entire frosting portion on top is a zipper opening (approx. 7") and the other side of the purse is identical to this side. No pattern for this, just trying to use up the last bits of the brown chunky yarn I had and the swirly blue and I thought this would be perfect.

Another snake!! The pattern is from the "Amigurumi Toy Box" book by Ana Paul Rimoli, BUT I found I didn't like how you were supposed to make the head, then the body, then attach them together and then sew on a felt my version has it done all in one so you don't have to sew the head on, and then the tongue itself is crocheted using chain and slip stitches instead of sewing on a piece of felt. The last one I did use the felt and it got pulled right off, so ....yeah.

This guy cracks me up!!! Well for is difficult to see in the picture exactly the size of it. I wish I would've put a pencil next to it or something, because that is about the length. It was supposed to be a rather large lobster crocheted with chunky yarn, which I didn't have. So I picked out something I DID have (I forget what the color is called but it's Carron Super Soft yarn) in the correct looking lobster color. I used a "G" hook instead of the called-for "N". It came out more like a crawdad LOL but I love it anyway...pattern is from the book "Toys for Tots" and again, I had to change some parts for it to look good/make more sense to me but I'm happy with the final result.

A little banana!!! Pattern is from

And lastly....a cup of cocoa! That is supposed to be a mini-marshmallow on top, though to me it looks more like a bit of whipped cream. Isn't it adorable? Pink cheeks and all! Another from the "Amigurumi Toy Box" book. :) There were a couple of (mistakes?) in the pattern that I found and will point them out here in case anyone has the book and decides to make this toy.*

*In the directions for the cup: it is missing the step between R5 and R6. So after R5 it should have a line that reads *Sc 4, 2 sc in next sc* (36)
and THEN go to R7-13 (in the book it just jumps from R5 to R6-13).

Also when you get to the directions for the hot cocoa portion: same thing.. it is missing R6 which gets you to 36 sts instead of only the mentioned 30 (it is the same as for doing the cup part).

I hope that helps relieve anyone else's confusion so they don't do what I did and have to rip it back out hahaha... also hope that Mrs.Rimoli doesn't mind me pointing this out! :)

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