Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Canvas Purse/Bag (sewing)

Clearly, I am not much of a sewer (that doesn't sound quite right... seamstress, maybe?...sewing-person..) Anyway, I can't really follow a pattern to save my life, but if someone *shows* me how to do it, then I am willing to try!! And sometimes it works out for me. :) This particular bag was from a book called "Simple Gifts To Stitch" by Jocelyn Worrall. In fact, it is the bag from the cover!

Notice the world's cutest little gnomie wallet (my sister made for me, who by the way CAN sew just about anything you can imagine...I missed the boat on that gene quality...) fits perfectly in one of the side pockets...

This photo is showing that all 3 of the front pockets (as well as the main compartment) are all the same depth..they all go to the bottom of the bag.

Here is the inside view of the main compartment. My sewing machine decided to poop-out on me just about the time I was attempting to sew in the handles at the end. Not until a phone call later did I realize why this was. (Using the wrong kind of needle.. heh heh). I ended up just sewing those in by hand.

And the completed bag/purse. I am probably going to use the freezer-paper-stencil method one of these days to give it some color, but for now I'm just happy I could make it and it came out looking somewhat like the tutorial.

If you are new to sewing OR would just like an awesome extra bag, I recommend this book for the ease of the directions and the fact that it is NOT patterns, but more like tutorial-style. :)

p.s. If you want an awesome handmade wallet like mine (or in a variety of other colors/fabrics)...check out Schnitzel and Boo . I know she doesn't always have it posted but you can always contact her to ask!! :)

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