Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mesh Bag and Slippers (crochet)

I received a fabulous mesh/tote bag from one of my SILs and loved it so much, I thought I would try to make one myself. She didn't have a pattern and neither did I (I don't have photos of hers but it is roughly twice the height and a little bigger around than mine here). I used double-strands of yarn for extra thickness and to make it sturdier. Purple on the bottom and top, and then a variegated one that was almost gone and was able to use up for this project for the center netted part. The above photo shows it all collapsed down into the bottom.

This pic shows it all at it's regular size :D Of course now it's filled up with crocheted toys and such! :D Perfect for that or as a yarn bag, laundry bag, take to the beach, etc...

Lastly for tonight is a pair of slippers! They are supposed to be one size fits all, but I find they are a little better for size 8 or smaller...but very easy to add a couple rows for bigger sizes anyway! The pattern is from a very old magazine (which I don't have, just have the page with the pattern :( ) and one of these days I am going to change-up some of it to get a better pattern for it and post here if possible when I get a chance.

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Weazel Girl said...

Those turned out perfect! I love how the the bag looks, great colors :-D. You're getting very skilled at 'copying' something by looking at it, a true sign of an expert :)