Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Road Scarf, Pencil Scarf, and Crayon Roll (crochet)

A very busy first half of the week this has been!! I've decided to go ahead and get a jump-start on some scarves and hats for Fall and Winter and will be listing on Etsy (as soon as the site is back up... ?!?!) rather than holding on until the craft fair. And if I still have them for that, then fine. :D Otherwise the plan is get them on Etsy today!!

Above is a road scarf- PERFECT for little boys or girls who love their toy cars!! It's the right size to keep them nice and snuggly warm and long enough to use for play if you wanted also.

Next up is another scarf...this one is a GIANT pencil!!! With most kids heading back to school in the next week or two (if they haven't already) this is a great item for them to get into the spirit of things! :) An adult could wear it more for the novelty, but it's definitely the right size to keep kiddos warm and looking good!

And finally...a rainbow crayon roll-up holder. A friend sent me a photo of one that someone else had made but there wasn't a pattern and it was difficult for me to see how it was made just by looking at the pic... so I decided to just try making one up. This was the final result and so long as you only wanted a few colors- this is perfect!! Maybe for travel? Fewer crayons to lose to the car seat crack!! hahaha

I hope everyone is having a great week! Check out my Etsy shop later on today for some updates and new additions! :)

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Weazel Girl said...

What a cute idea for a crayon carrier!! I love it :)