Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Capes, a Gnome, and a Candy Necklace!

Good evening!! We had a moment of sunshine today (shock!) so I took advantage of it to get a couple of photos of these two capes I finished up this week. The red one is going to be part of a Little Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween. The multi-color one (Red Heart's "peruvian print") is for one of my niece's Christmas gift. Figured I better start now so I have time to make all this stuff!! :)

I love the pom-pom tie for the red one, but it was suggested in the pattern for use with kids over 3 and the button-tab option for kids 3 and under, so that is why they have different closings. I have to apologize I don't have the name of the book the pattern was from...I checked it out at the library already had to turn it back in. (Forgot to write down what it was). I did end up making several changes along the way, but for the most part the pattern was easy to follow.

A new gnome was created, too...this guy has a nice curly beard and is sticking out his tongue to get at his lollipop he's holding. If only he could reach!!! :D

With the left-over clay from making the gnome's lollipop, I rolled out some super thin "snakes" and cut them into candy sticks. :D Like yesterday's post with the micro mini gnome in a necklace...these are the same kind of bottles. Approx. 1 1/2 inches tall and a cork glued in..whole thing strung on a ball chain necklace. The little candies are pink, white and purple shades all swirled together... I love how bright it is. :)


Weazel Girl said...

Those capes are really cool! Love how they turned out.

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Me too!! I hope the kids like them and they get some good wear the next couple seasons. :)