Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sleepy Owl, Skelly, Monkey, and Cup Cozy (crochet)

I finally broke down and bought a pattern for this owl off of Etsy. I couldn't help is so stinkin' cute and you can make it in so many different patterns/colors- the combinations are endless. Normally I don't like to pay $X per pattern because in my mind it's "why pay for one when you can spend just a little more for an entire book?"..buuuuut I really had to have this one. If you are interested, it came from Irene Strange on Etsy. :) If she ever writes a book, I'm getting it!!!

This little skelly is from the book "Creepy Cute Crochet" and although the patterns are written a little different from what I'm used to, I was able to figure it out and produce decent results. There is a little skelly bride you can make to put with him, which I may do in the future.

For some reason the way this guy turned out gave him a Budha belly hehehe. I don't mind, though..he also looks surprised that his picture is being taken. :P

And lastly, a very basic cozy for to-go cups. G hook, SC 33 each row and then the loops at the top and bottom was a simple matter of chain 5, slip stitch to the next stitch...chain 5, slip stitch to the next..all the way on top and bottom of the cozy. Then whipstitch the sides and ta-da. :) You can make these up so easily in so many different ways and so long as you have the beginning chain length the right size to go around the cup, you can just do anything you want and have a million different looks. :)


Weazel Girl said...

This is probably my favorite few things you've made lately. I didn't ever see the "creepy cute" guy. And I love the owl too, I can see why you got the pattern for it :)

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Thanks!! I like the Creepy Cute Crochet book because it makes so many creatures using 2 or 3 basic patterns..head, body, arms... and some don't even have arms so that makes them even easier. :D