Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amigurumi - Turtle Baby, Bumble Bee and Owl Ornament (crochet)

I have been a busy bee (har har..see below) and managed to overdo it today with these little guys. :) Trying to do something new all the time is pretty easy if you crochet and have the world of online inspiration and books galore! This little baby turtle took less than 45 minutes to finish and you can see how small it is in my hand. Very adorable :) The pattern was from the book "Amigurumi Two" by Ana Paula Rimoli. I love her books and directions...very easy to follow and such cute toys.

This bee is also from the same book "Amigurumi Two". There are two bees in the book, actually- a momma and a baby. This one is the baby :) It turned out even a little bigger than I thought, so I imagine the momma bee is quite big.

The owl!! First of all, I may have to keep him. :D I had searched and searched online all over the place..... Etsy, Ravelry, Google, Craftster, Craft Gossip, etc. etc. looking for owl patterns and there was one in particular that kept grabbing my attention and I really wanted to make it, but alas...no funds in the ol' Paypal just at this moment to buy the pattern. So instead, I decided to make my own using my learned-in-the-last-few-months knowledge of how to make these little toys and this is how he turned out. :D Overall it is similar LOOKING to the one I was keeping fresh in my mind, but not the same and she was using different stitch types and no buttons and I have no idea how she did the top, I just sorta winged that. But I am happy with this because not only is it my own design ...but it actually turned out well and I like it. :) Now I just need to make a whole bunch in different colors and find a spot to put them!

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