Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cookie Monster to-go cup cozy (crochet)

Here is an idea I had earlier tonight and decided to try it. I wanted to make a Cookie Monster to-go cup cozy...I think it turned out alright :) He even has a little cookie!

It's very basic for the blue part...just used HDC stitches about 33 across for however many rows it was to make it that tall (I didn't count lol). Then I made half-ball shapes in white (instead of a complete sphere for eyes, would've been TOO buggy) and made a semi-circle flat black part for the mouth. The cookie was a couple of rows in the round and then added some brown "chips". Sewed each part on while the blue part was still a rectangle....then sewed up the sides of the blue to make the cozy shape. :) Give it a try!