Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back from the Craft Fair...plus a Starfish :) (crochet)

We survived our first craft fair!! Sorry for the delay in posting about it...the last few days have been rather busy and stressful, but here I am back at it!! :) Above photo is of my very full table....below photo is my sister's (and a few people..talking to her). We were right next to each other and made a sort of "bridge" over our two tables to connect them and give a flowing feeling. It looked great to us and we were happy with it! I hope we always get to do these shows together now that we've tried one out.

She makes the most fabulous bags (tote bags, purses, all sorts of designs and sizes) and wallets even!! In fact, at this show was the first time I'd seen some of the things she had made and I thought they were store-bought and she just embellished them on the outside. But nope, she made the entire bag!!!! Including the handles and everything. I was impressed (and jealous of the sewing skill). :P Great first craft fair....looking forward to the next one as soon as we can!!

p.s. not only does she do bags and wallets, she can sew just about anything you can imagine...I've seen her do wedding dresses (including my own), children's clothes, dog leashes and items, aprons, just about anything!!! You can check her out on Etsy here and on her own blog here :)

Isn't this just the cutest?? I had made a plain star barrette and my youngest wanted a star, too....but not a barrette since he's a boy :P So I told him I would figure out a toy instead and came up with this little starfish. It was pretty simple...two basic stars sewn together after embroidering a little face...stuffing as you sew it up. It almost looks real, too, with the way the yarn puffs a little bit and gives it a textured-look. He was very happy with it and I believe it now lives on his pillow. :)


Weazel Girl said...

Looks like you had a good set-up! And you also make amazing things, not just your sister :)

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Thank you!! Yes, we were pretty happy with the set-up and glad we did a lot of pre-planning and not waiting until the morning of. :) She does do some super fabulous stuff!! :D