Monday, May 23, 2011

Amigurumi Hot Dog set and Tug Boat (crochet)

Starting with the most adorable little tug boat! It was pointed out to me that this would make a perfect little baby gift for a new little boy and I have to agree! Complete with a sailor hat and everything. :)

I did this hot dog set over a few days and finished it up last night. I love the little mustard bottle and I decided to leave the yarn hanging off the tops to look like ketchup and mustard coming out. :D The hot dog bun is different than the pattern suggests... It wants you to make both bun halves exactly the same and then sew the two together. I decided for the 2nd bun half, to skip the last few rows (they build it up bigger) and leave it flatter like a real hot dog bun fluffy side and one flat side. More realistic that way. :D

All of the patterns are coming from the "Amigurumi Toy Box" book I am still trying out. I only made very few changes to what she has you do in the patterns and they came out nicely.

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