Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Child's Play Kitchen Towel Set (crochet)

I had a request for a child's play kitchen towel set in a variety of "neutral" colors to be for boy and girl and here is what I made. Two pot holders- one orange with red trim, and one the opposite, a green and yellow striped washcloth, a sponge in green and yellow (just like the real ones!), and a brown dish towel.

I didn't have patterns for these, I just thought how I wanted it to look in the end and made them up.

*The pot holders are done with a "sc, dc, sc, dc....all across" stitch pattern to give it texture, then bordered with a SC trim.
*The washcloth is one row DC, one row SC, then switch colors and do the same thing...repeat to the end.
*The sponge is all SC on the yellow side, then a basic popcorn stitch for the green side. I didn't count rows or anything, just kinda matched them up as I was going along...I did make the yellow a tiny bit bigger so that it would be "poofy" when I sewed the two halves together and have room to stuff for depth/thickness.
*And lastly, the brown towel is a ripple stitch! You can use any ripple stitch you wanted for the effect... mine is a "basic double crochet ripple". :)

If anyone wants to make up a set like this for your own, I hope the above "notes" help out on how I did mine. :)

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Weazel Girl said...

LOOOOVE how these turned out, the kids are going to really like playing with these :) :)