Friday, May 20, 2011

BIG Amigurumi Triceratops Dinosaur (crochet)

This guy is HUGE...well, at least he is compared to all of the "normal" amigurumi toys I've made/seen. Certainly the biggest thing I've made so far! He took approximately 15 hours to finish and over 2 skeins of yarn. Seems very content hanging out in my backyard, that we are actually getting a break from the rain for once!

The pattern is from a Red Heart Super Saver (yarn brand) booklet called "Crochet Animals Big & Small". There are 11 different designs for random animals. I know that you can get this book from Jo-Ann's craft store, but I'm sure it's also available at other places or online. :)


Weazel Girl said...

I really like this one, I love the variegated yarns. And it looks really nice in a dinosaur. :-D Great job, as usual!

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Thank you! :) Variegated yarns are definitely my favorite..always a changing look!