Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crochet and Clay Galore!!!

It's was one heck of a Memorial weekend! The Seattle Center had their Folk Life Festival which included some Urband Craft Fair vendors (of which Schnitzel & Boo were a part of) and a friend and I drove down for the day on Sunday. A nice auntie made a special request for her nephew...this penguin! So Saturday night was crunch time and I made him up to take and give her. (Her niece got a little chicken that she loves). :)

The hippo didn't make an appearance because I only just finished him up this morning. Cute as a button with stripes that are subtle and awesome!

Mr.Unicorn *did* make an appearance at the show and I don't think a single child came through who didn't spot him and play with his hair. :D hahaha

I meant to post this guy last week and never had the time. It is a seahorse in a variegated yarn that I picked because I thought the colors reminded me of the sea. A nice teal blue, coral, cream, and lighter brown...plus some peachy fins. :)

Lastly for this post...some owl beads I made using air-dry clay and then painted into little owls. They were then sprayed with a clear sealant to make them shiny and more water-proof. I am hoping to list these on Etsy before the end of the week after I get my goodies sorted a bit better. :)

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