Monday, August 15, 2011

Glee-Inspired and Ice-Cream Garden Gnomes (polymer clay)

Now that all 6 of the little plant gnomes I sent out last week have safely landed in their new home, it is time to make more!

If you're a Glee fan like myself, you may see the inspiration for the Warbler-ish gnome on the left. Complete with "L" sign for being a Gleek ;) And since Summer is not quite over yet, the other guy gets a nice, tasty ice-cream cone. :D

They are roughly 3 inches high or so and made for house plants. Unless you have a really tiny backyard, in which they'd be perfect also! What do you all think of the new gnomes? I'll definitely be creating more as I think up new ones.

1 comment:

Weazel Girl said...

hehehe I like the Gleek :) Very cute.