Friday, August 12, 2011

Make-Your-Own-Design Acrylic Rings!!

Good morning! Recently I was going through the baskets of craft supplies that I get and then put on hold (you know...until I think of something to do with them) and found my package of "blank" acrylic rings. They are all one size and although I can't remember specifically which seller I bought them from, they did come in a bundle-lot off Ebay for pretty cheap even with the shipping.

So after asking the kids what little pictures they might like to see get drawn onto them, here is what we came up with! Up above are a cupcake and a weiner dog.

Next up are a pair of pandas and lastly, an owl on a tree branch!

For the cupcake ring, I used the pen package in the photo. They are basically glittery paint pens. I found that although they dried pretty quickly and looked nice, you do have to go over your design several times to make the paint dark enough to see really well. The other non-cupcake rings were all done with Sharpie markers!!! :)

I am not sure how permanent the Sharpie markers are on acrylic, but after a little testing, they didn't just rub right off...but I'm sure you'd want to be careful about wearing them in water or scraping them on stuff. :)

So...Ebay (or other source of your choice) for blank acrylic rings and Michaels (or other source..I know Walmart, Target, etc have them also) for the Sharpie markers and you can make your own fun rings!! :) Next time I do these, I was thinking of trying out ModPodge with fabric or paper on them to see how that looks. Lots of ideas to work with for these rings! :)

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