Friday, August 19, 2011

Pirate Gnome and Hippie Gnome (polymer clay)

Another round of gnomes!! This is just a quick update for tonight..I have another finished crochet project to share over the weekend when I get a chance.

It's all in the details....on the left we have a pirate gnome. He comes with a skull & crossbones tri-pointed gnome hat, a gold earring, solid gold piece in his hand, a parrot on his shoulder and an eyepatch!

On the right we have the hippie gnome...a lovely tye-dyed jacket and underclothes, open sandals, a peace symbol on his jacket, a rosta gnome hat, braided beard, and last but not the ultimate of peace signs in his left hand.

Off to take care of dinner and think up more gnomes! :) Have a good night!


Weazel Girl said...

Those are both awesome! Mine are admired daily by me, and both kids. And every time I pass them, they bring a smile and warm my heart. Occasionally I will find one rotated a different direction, from the little ones nudging them. But they are a little too high for them to actually pull them out of the potted plants, thank goodness! :)

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

I am so glad that you like them and they bring some smiles all around! :D