Saturday, October 22, 2011

Slouchy Hat (crochet) and Marble Nail Art

One of the hat designs I've seen a lot lately for crocheting are these slouchy hats. They are really roomy and comfortable, so even people with long hair could wear them and keep their hair inside the hat if they chose.

Front view ^^^ Most hats I make start at the top, but for this one you make the band first and work your length from there. I used a variegated mixed-fiber yarn. The pattern is from the Caron yarn company website as a freebie under the title "Urban Jungle". You can go to to look it up if you'd like to try it also.

One difference I made from the pattern was the style of "popcorn" stitch. Their version has you do 9 SC into the spaces for each popcorn and I didn't like how difficult that made it for me to manipulate the hook and work the yarn. So I did mine as DCs instead and only used 5 per. So if you go try their pattern and do it as written, it will probably have a slightly different look, but the same basic idea. :)

Again with the huge photo of nails!!!?? I don't know why it does that. As you can see, I still needed to do a little more "cleaning" up around the edges from where polish got on the skin. But you can see the idea of what I was going for! This is called Water-Marble nail art and happens to be the first time I tried it. Definitely not perfect, but not bad for a first shot. If you'd like to see how it is done, head on over to and look up "water marble nail art" will see many choices and end results that are very pretty and varied! :)


Weazel Girl said...
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Weazel Girl said...

Had a really bad typo....

That's pretty bad-ass, I just watched a video of that concept of nail art. Never would of guessed that's how you do it. I may have to try it sometime, when the kids are occupied for more than 10 minutes. I need to get me some nail-polishes.

Mae Belle Creations and Musings said...

Yeah I had never heard of it until recently and once I saw one...I was looking all over the place to see more! :)