Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mummy, Gnome and Gingerbread Man Scarf!

Rawrrr...No?  Well that's what I picture looking at the top photo :)  I didn't make that guy...the other half did.  I made the birthday gnome and there they are all ready to get wrapped in bubbles for their trip to my S.I.L.s house.  They were part of her birthday gift. :D  She loves gnomes and zombies...so he decided to make a mummy instead (do they count as zombies?). 

And this scarf- what a pain in the you-know-where! But it turned out so great, I'm glad I decided not to scrap it.  The pattern is from the Twinkie Chan book and the little gingerbread guy are indeed super fast/easy to crochet...but sewing them all together and putting on the details was time-consuming.  The suggested way to do white "icing" is to make a long chain and sew it on... I decided to surface crochet instead.  I do think it looks nicer than it would have if I'd sewn on a chain, but boy did it take some time!!   I probably would've made the mouth smaller than the pattern specifies, too, but oh well... it's done!

Definitely cute results :)

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